About Seahorse Stables


When Christopher Columbus explored this coast line on his fourth voyage, in September 1502 he named it “Costa Rica”, “The Rich Coast”. Historians say that he thought of the name in hopes of finding riches and gold.  We disagree, to us it seems more obvious, he was probably astonished by the scenery of the voluminous green vegetation covering the mountains and lurching out towards the white sand shores, full of colorful birds,  in contrast to a magical turquoise sea. This picture seen from a floating Spanish Galleon makes the name Costa Rica more significant and true.

Seahorse Stables is located strategically on this coastline between the Gandoca Manzanillo National Refuge and the Kekoldi Indian Reservation.

The refuge is located in the South Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica between the Cocles river and the Sixaola river, in the Limon Province and it has an area of  9.449 hectares. It contains some of the most important ecosystems in the area like swamps, mangroves, lagoons, primary and secondary forest and coral reefs. These habitats protect some threatened species such as the Manatee, and sea turtles like the Carey, Green, Caguama and   Baula who nest in some areas of the coastline.

The Kekoldi Indian Reservation is located at two kilometers west of the beginning of the Gandoca Manzanillo National Refuge on the Cocles River.  The reservation is 3538 hectares and is the home of 210 Bri Bri and Cabecares Indigenous people. The reservation was founded on June 24th,  1996 in order to preserve their culture tradition, language and ancient arts.  They live farming beans, rice, maize and roots. They also raise pigs, chickens and ducks. But most important their life style is very respectful of nature and only takes medicinal plants and herbs without disturbing the natural environment of the jungle. Hence, the wild life in the reservation is abundant. To them the forest and its animals are sacred.

Both the Gandoca Manzanillo National Refuge and the Kekoldi Indian reservation are home to hundreds of bird species, reptiles and mammals.  The most commonly seen bird species on our tours are vultures, wood peckers, toucans, herons, parrots, humming birds, hawks, pelicans and dowitchers. We also may see different mammals such as Howler monkeys, Sloth, Pisotes and on special occasions a Tepisquinte. As far as reptiles are concerned we could see different types of lizards small or large like the Iguanas and on special circumstances large snakes. Our guides are on the look out for wild animals on every tour and obviously we can not guaranty all of these sightings, but nature is wise and will present us what it has available that given day.

Horseback riding in these areas is a rare privilege. It’s unlike any other riding grounds do to variety of landscapes and the exceptional ability of our horses to change from one environment to the next with grace and style. The Costa Rican “Criollos” are strong, tough and sure footed. They can take you through thick mud, up and down wet hills inside the jungle, jump logs and difficult obstacles as well as canter or gallop on some of the most wonderful white sand beaches in the world. In some of our tours they will swim side by side with you in the dream like turquoise waters of the Caribbean and in the evening take you turtle watching.

About the Owner

Edwin Salem, owner of Seahorse Stables, was born in Argentina and has brought argentine horsemanship into the Central American jungle. He is a natural born adventurer including other fields such as Surfing and Sailing. An accomplished sailor and big wave rider, he was on the first surfing expedition to Antarctica where he surfed on a floating Iceberg’s glacial beach, and on the way back rounded Cape Horn with his mates. In the same voyage they anchored the sailboat on the south side of Tierra del Fuego, soon after he paddled his board to the beach and rode horses bareback with local gauchos while still in his wetsuit. His adventurous attitude is contagious and it shows in the jungle rides and his easy going friendship with the Bri-Bri. If encouraged, he will regale you with fascinating tales from remote places such as Patagonia, the Falkland Islands or Alaska.

Everyone at Seahorse Stables enjoys sharing with others the knowledge of this magnificent environment. Experiencing it on horseback is bliss. So, we welcome you, your family and friends to enjoy this with us.