Seahorse Stables Tour Description

Beach Tour

Length: 2 ½ hours

Intensity: Light to moderate depending on the rider’s ability.

Saddles: English, Argentine or American Mc Lalland.

What to bring: Long pants, riding boots or chaps, water, sunscreen, raincoat and hat.


The Tour begins at our home in Cocles where we select the appropriate horse according to the riders ability. There we give information about horse handling and tour terrain conditions. After everybody is sufficiently comfortable with their animal we leave for the beach. We begin with a gentle walk along the white sands of Cocles beach to the coral elevated Cocles Point were we ride over green grass through a beautiful coconut grove. There we see the beginning of endless and magnificent tide pools which lie along the turquoise sea shore. We pass by the petite and exclusive Playa Chiquita beaches and observe the wonders of inter tide zone’s bird life to our left and the edge of a blooming jungle to our right.

We ride over driftwood logs and cross creeks and rivers to reach Punta Uva. (Rated as one of the top 5 beaches in the world by Travel & Leisure magazine).

Punta Uva’s first point extends out 300 meters out to sea, its coral; elevation is about 20 meters high and covered with old growth almendro trees and at times full of howler monkeys. It’s tip has a tunnel going from one side to the other. Itś a perfect spot to have a drink and relax before our return. On our way back, depending on the particular group riding skills, the riders can canter or gallop and arrive back to Cocles to cool off the ecological rush of nature.


Jungle-Beach Tour 

Length: 3 hours

Intensity: strenuous.

Saddles: English, Argentine or American Mc Lalland.

Jungle: Kekoldi Indian Reserve

What to bring: Long pants, rubber riding boots or Chaps (or Wellington boots), repellant, sunscreen, rain coat and hat.


The Tour begins at our home in Cocles where we select the appropriate horse according to the riders ability. These horses are chosen for their experience in soft grounds since the tour goes through the Bri-Bri trails inside the Kekoldi reservation. We ride up the Cocles hills until we reach a ranchito. We will have to dodge branches, ride over logs, cross creeks and rivers and if conditions call for it, we will open our way through with a machete. Parts of the trail can be strenuous due to the rainfall; snakes may be seen as well as bird life. In short, “its an adventure”. The density of the green is so full that it may distort your since of depth and orientation. The air is pure in oxygen and the feeling indescribable. After 1 ½ hours of it you will be ready for galloping across Cocles beach to playa Chiquita. The open space of the beach and sea gives the rider and horse a great since of liberation which encourages a good run into the vastness of sunlight and the watery reflections of the turquoise sea. For another hour you will see and experience part of the beach tour but at a faster pace. This tour is full of cultural and landscape contrasts. An adrenaline rush is inevitable.

Lemonade is served upon return or coffee if the ride was wet. This tour was recommended in an article of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Travel section this year.


Manzanillo-Beach Tour 

Length: 5 to 6 hours

Intensity: strenuous.

Saddles: moderate to strenuous depending on the rider’s ability.

Jungle: Beginning of Punta Mona.

What to bring: Long pants, riding boots or chaps, water, bathing suit, sunscreen and hat.


The tour is basically the same as the beach tour but we continue beyond second point Punta Uva and into Manzanillo Beach, or Playa Grande as some people call it.  From that point we gallop through a mile long coconut grove until we get to a river where we rest and cool off in its fresh waters as they meet the sea. From there we continue to the small fishing village of Manzanillo along a magical white sand beach. Once in town we eat lunch at Maxi’s restaurant, the towns land mark.  There we enjoy the famous sea food grill, Parrillada de mariscos, beers or soft drinks and we relax in its local fishing village afro-Caribbean environment. After lunch we have the option to unsaddle the horses and swim with them in the calm light blue waters inside the barrier reef. This gives you the chance to connect with your animal out side the working relationship. The horses enjoy bathing there and with a little encouragement you can swim out into the deep and have them bring you back to land holding on to their necks. In essence the horse tows you in as you float beside it, much as swimming with a dolphin. Then we continue to “El Mirador” the beginning of the Punta Mona part of the refuge. The view there is majestic; you can see all of the beaches and mountains all the way to Puerto Vargas to the north and to the south east, the vivid and wild Jungle of Punta Mona.  Then we ride home into the sunset. The colors and reflections that you experience with this lighting are out of this world.  The images of this tour that will keep haunting you months after you are back home.  A perfect tour for newly weds for its romantic settings. Also family groups are encouraged so as to share a full day of quality time in nature with your loved ones.

Punta Mona Gandoca Tour 

"The Adventure"

Length: 4 days

Saddles: Mc Lalland

Jungle: Punta Mona-Gandoca Mona.

What to bring: Long pants, riding boots, chaps or rubber boots, two extra sets of clothes, bathing suit, sunscreen, insect repelant, hat, nessesarie, bottle of wisky or rum.


On this 4 day package tour you arrive at seahorse stables where you will be assigned a bungalow or a room in the main house. In the afternoon you will ride the Jungle Beach tour and in the evening you will dine in our rancho grill some jucy Argentine asado with salads, red wine or sangria.

On the following morning, after breakfast, we depart on the Manzanillo beach tour and have lunch at Maxi´s Restaurant, where we will have the famous sea food grill, a combination of shrimps, lobsters, red snapper, Marlyn and assorted vegetables with beers and soft drinks. We relax for a bit in this typical carebbean enviroment and then continue beyond the mirador at the beginnings of Punta Mona and through the jungle in the refuge with some stops at the most charming beaches yet. These beaches looks like Balenese beaches due to the coral lifted cliffs wich are covered by wild vegetation.

The horsetrail is difficult due to the soft mud. In this trail you will see plenty og howler monkeys and exotic birds until we reach Steven´s organic farm. There we will set up a camp, eat vegetarian food and at some time during the trip you will get a tour of the farm. In the evening if in turtle season we can hire a guide and check out the turtles nesting with our flashlights and protect them from poachers.

The next day we can ride to the Gandoca lagoon where wildlife is abundant and later we ride to Steven´s lodge for the night. We encourage swimming with the horses at Punta Mona so as to help them strech their muscles and relax.

On the third day we ride back to seahorse stables where you can relax on a hammock in your bungalow or spend the rest of the day at the beach or shopping in town. In the evening we have another Argentine asado and celebrate the four day adventure. This is the top tour for the adventurous people that ride. You get to see it all and ride it all. Definetly a life time experience.